Book of Abstracts NPIT5

Note: times apply to Central European Summertime.

Schedule of NPIT5



Thursday June 3th, 09.00–10.15

  • Plenary session

  1. Welcome by Barbara Schouten (University of Amsterdam) and Jan ten Thije (Utrecht University)

  2. Keynote lecture by Sarah Crafter (The Open University, UK): Care and conflict: Child language brokering in a hostile immigration context



Thursday June 3th, 10.30-12.00




Thursday June 3th, 12.00-13.00

  • Lunch break



Thursday June 3th, 13.00-14.30


  • Panel session: Research methods in non-professional interpreting and translation

Chairs: Rachele Antonini & Ira Torresi (University of Bologna, Italy)

Presenters: Jemina Napier (Heriot-Watt University, Scotland), Federica Ceccoli (University of Bologna, Italy), Ira Torresi & Rachele Antonini (University of Bologna, Italy), Sarah Crafter (The Open University, UK)


Thursday June 3th, 14.45-16.15




Thursday June 3th, 16.30-18.00



Thursday June 3th, 18.00–20.00

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Friday June 4th, 09.00-10.00


  • Plenary session 


Keynote lecture by Anthony Pym (University of Melbourne, Australia):

When trust is more important than having professional interpreters



Friday June 4th, 10.15-11.45


  • Panel session: Putting ISO 13611 into practice: Opportunities and challenges from different perspectives


Chair: Lena Emch-Fassnacht (INTERPRET, Switzerland)

Presenters: Michael Müller (INTERPRET, Switzerland), Matthias Haldimann (BDÜ, Germany), Mike Mösko (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany)


Friday June 4th, 11.45 -12.45

  • Lunch break



Friday June 4th, 12.45-14.15




Friday June 4th 14.30-15.30


  • Plenary session 

Keynote lecture by Yvan Leanza (Université Laval, Canada)

Interpreters’ positionings and roles: lifeworld, system, trust and neutrality



Friday June 4th 15.45-17.15


  • Panel session: Expanding public engagement with translation: Strength and challenges

Chair: Cari Bottois (Charity Translators, UK)

Presenters: Eliana Maestri (University of Exeter, UK), Loredana Polezzi (Stony Brook University, UK), Cari Bottois (Charity Translators, UK)







End of conference